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Butcher Shop: Meat on james street & Grice Ave

Burleigh Heads once had a thriving butcher trade, with four butcher shops in the street, but now Meat on James st is the last surviving shop, servicing the locals and tourists alike.

Since taking over the shop, the response to the traditional quality cuts and the introduction of new modern lines, 100% grass fed, free range, large selection of sausages and more recently a dry aging cabinet has been well received.

Russell believes in order to have the best tasting meat it all begins with sourcing ethically raised produce and delivering the highest standard in animal welfare.

Located just metres from Burleigh beach our customers range from young families to holiday makers and locals. Meat on James St are also keen supporters of community businesses and Burleigh Heads Surf Club.

When customers come to us they expect personal service, quality and consistency, says Russell. Our signature steaks are always a hit and what we pride our business on. The most enjoyable aspect of what we do is when the customers come back and say – how good were those steaks… that’s why we do this job.
James Street’s famous smoked ham and bacon has been a family favourite for twenty years. We make a large range of grab and go extras to make mid week dinners easy, such as pies, lasagnes, vegetable sides, homemade soups and salads.

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As a butcher for more than twenty six years, I’ve experienced a lot over the years – both here in Australia and as a young man in rural Herefordshire, England where he did his apprenticeship. My nan got me my first job in the local butcher shop when I was fourteen, “I remember walking in and my very first job was to make pork sausages, I was hooked from then on in, intrigued as to how meat was cut and things were made. My boss used to do home kills, so I learnt every aspect of butchering from paddock to plate, which I am truly grateful for (RIP Chris) having managed butcher shops in the UK up until the age of twenty six, when I decided to broaden my horizons and make the move to Australia – thirteen years later I’m still here. 

Since arriving in Australia I’ve learnt a whole new set of skills different to the UK, and after managing shops for twenty years, last year I decided to open my own shop.

Upon opening meat on James street I wanted to combine all the skills I’ve learnt for the last 26 years and bring a team together to create a new way of thinking about the traditional butcher shop, creating new ideas but keeping the old school values of a butcher shop like customer service


Having grown up in a small country town called Cooyar on the Darling Downs. My parents had a small farm, which we raised beef cattle on. Most of my weekends as a boy were spent on the farm looking after the cattle, making sure that the windmill was pumping water, checking fences & that the cattle had enough feed & water. When I left school, I moved to Cairns and worked in hotels and restaurants, gaining experience in customer service, as I love talking to people.

As a young man I had always wanted to travel so I decided to go live in Canada for a year. I then returned to Cairns where I started working in the Casino as a Croupier. This job would help me travel the world further as I obtained a job on Cruise ship working for Princess Cruises.

When I returned home to Australia, I got a job working at Beef City Abattoir on the Darling Downs. I worked there for 12 years slicing and boning beef it was a great experience which has given me a extended knowledge into the meat industry, So I’ve experienced all aspects of the meat industry from paddock to plate, this is why I wanted to go into business with Russell at Meat on James Street , now being able to share all my knowledge with our customers from cooking tips to where we source our meat.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, which is important to me, I also love walking my dog ‘Louie’ and the beach lifestyle the gold coast brings.


Staring work in a butcher shop since high school ,working as a clean up kid for Mastermeats in Tweed Heads. In 2010, I was signed up as an apprentice and began my career in the meat industry.
Learning all aspects of the trade from customer service to breaking carcasses, making sausages to gourmet pastries. As I learnt more & I grew in the industry I became trade qualified and I had opportunities to move to different shops as a butcher & manager whilst working on the Gold Coast.
Now I’ve got over twelve years of experience in the industry having learnt a lot of different skills and have worked with some fantastic butchers.
I am now apart of a growing business at Meat on James street and super excited to be part of the team, working with Shane & Russell to drive the business forward.
I’m a big family man with my wife and I just having our first child.
In my spare time I love watching rugby league and my beloved eels I am passionate about. I’ve always had a love for rugby league as my pop played for cronulla sharks back in the 60’s and 70’s. golf and camping are among the other enjoyments in life when I get a chance. so that’s a little bit of me and my experience of life in and out of butchering.


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